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Director - Sherry DeMar



Director - Zack Lewis


Director - Wuyu Wantatah
Phone: (330) 770-6352

Known by friends and family as a very charismatic, fun, and personable individual with exceptional social skills, ambition, and work ethic, Wuyu (pronounced We-you), is one that is determined to make a profound impact on the industry with the hope of helping several others along the way. He has his long-term focus set on the "Pretty House" side of the real estate business, while working to be efficient in all phases one step at a time.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Wuyu is a 1st generation born American of immigrant parents that dared to imagine themselves in the "Land of Opportunity" known as America. He spent most of his years as a resident in parts of the Mahoning Valley or nearby throughout high school and college and afterward. Professionally, he spent 11 years working in the mental health field helping children and their families with psychological counseling and behavioral health related services in schools, communities, and homes. While working full-time, Wuyu always had a penchant for entrepreneurial endeavors. He has an extensive background of doing things outside of the box dating back to his days in high school and up until now with marketing, promotions, and public relations for his own business, some startups, and a few well known or up and coming businesses. As a firm believer in constant growth, fostering relationships, and personal development, one of his favorite quotes comes from Celtic great, 11x champion, and humanitarian Bill Russell, "You can do anything you want to do, if you want it bad enough!"





Director - Richard Chase
Phone: (330) 518-2217