Mahoning Valley Real Estate Investors Association


MVREIA Officers 



Vice President - Laura Henry

Phone: (330) 575-6784
Facebook: @BluePrintHS

 I am an extremely dedicated & passionate business woman, who aims to make a difference, in the lives of many or even the life of one. I want to make an impression - Create something bigger than myself. I will accomplish this through my desire to help others & the skills I have learned throughout my professional & personal life. No matter where I go or what I do, I absorb as much knowledge as possible, with the strong belief, one should never stop learning.  These qualities, as well as my outstanding characteristics in leadership & initiative, have gotten me far & will continue to take me farther.

I believe anyone can accomplish anything. With the right teachers, motivation, and passion we can be limitless, if we choose to be limitless. Life's limitations are within us, not around us. To reach our dreams we  must find our passion - our "why" - what drives our wants & our desires. In my life, "success", is NOT easy. My success must be intensely earned. There is no such thing as "a slight bead of sweat rolling down my face", after a long day's work. No, instead, I must be DRENCHED in my DESIRE. I must work & I MUST WORK HARD. This INTENSE DESIRE - THAT, is my "WHY". Why am I a business owner? Why do I try so hard to make a difference? Why do I NEVER give up? - DESIRE, an INTENSE BEASTLY DESIRE, an all-consuming DESIRE. My role, my purpose, is not something that I "get" to do. It is something that I MUST DO - something that I am meant to do. This sense of "calling" is what feeds my DESIRE - a yearning, hungry beast within me that is incapable of giving up. I AM MEANT to be so much MORE & my DESIRE will get me there.


Treasurer - Carolyn Fankhouser

 Carolyn Fankhauser now lives in Canfield, but graduated from Boardman High School and has lived in this area her whole life. Currently, she is a school bus driver for Canfield Schools and owns her own home-based business. In the late 70’s to mid 80’s, she had a small gift shop (The Hole In The Wall) in Poland and Boardman. Since then, her craft interest has grown into the current custom framing and decorative painting business. She has set up at trade shows (both wholesale & retail) and shipped products all over the country. Having served on the board of directors of the Ohio Arts & Crafts guild for 8 years, she ran their yearly conference for several years She has been a REIA member for about 4 years and on the board for 1 year, but is new to the real estate business She is nearing retirement after over 20 years of bus driving and looking forward to spending more time with a shift of her career using her prior 35 years of business experience now focused on real estate investing.




Secretary - Jim Pirko 
Phone: (330) 507-3267

 Jim Pirko has been serving as MVREIA’s Secretary/Coordinator since 2010, Publishing Newsletters, Booking Meeting Speakers, and Handling Public Relations. He has been representing MVREIA on the OREIA Board of Directors since 2009, and is now serving as OREIA’s Vice President & Legislative Chair since 2013. He is a Commercial Real Estate Agent with Hanna Commercial Real Estate, having been with the Howard Hanna Howland office since 2006, specializing in Residential Investment Properties, Commercial, Industrial, and Economic Development Projects. He serves with numerous influential organizations in our region, including the Trumbull County Land Bank Board, the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce Commercial Real Estate Roundtable, YNG Air Partners, plus the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments General Policy Board, Citizens Advisory Board, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee, and Natural Resources Assistance Committee. Also he is a member of Mensa.